Does Asperger’s Cause Alcoholism?

by admin on October 11, 2011

I recently found an article discussing this topic and felt compelled to write about it.  The article started out by stating that Asperger's does not cause Alcoholism or to define it a bit broader, especially in this age, addiction. 

The "causes" of addiction, as stated in the article where a number of circumstances, including social reasons, depression and even genetics.  I agree with all of that but there is one thing I don't agree with. 

One of the things I do know about is addiction.  I have been sober for 10 years now and work closely with addicts and have been a step parent to an Asperger's child for about the same amount of time.  The compulsiveness and desire to be accepted is the part of the equation that must be considered.  The situations we have found ourselves in over the years with our Asperger's son was a direct result of his desire to fit in. 

The wild thing to the whole thing is it has been a miracle as well.  The addiction part of his life never really took control, except for cigarettes, which is another conversation but through the process he has convinced himself that he is an addict and has been going to AA meetings.  If you don't know anything about AA you should because regardless of the situation you might be in the common denominator with Asperger's is their desire to be accepted.  AA is a group that accepts you, no matter what.  Through the meetings and the program he has finally found a group of friends that has accepted him and are not trying to manipulate him. 

I guess the point I wanted to make in this brief article is the idea that Asperger's is a high risk addiction population but through this there can be a miracle or two that comes of it. 

I would suggest taking your Asperger's individual to an AA meeting and you might want to attend too.  It's a great experience to be around a bunch of people that accept you for you.

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