Aspergers & Sexuality (Book Review)

by admin on June 6, 2010

Asperger’s Syndrome & Sexuality, written by: Isabelle Henault  (London, 2006).

The forward to Ms. Henault’s extraordinary manual is written by renowned asperger’s expert Tony Attwood. He unreservedly recommends the content to any person dealing with asperger’s disorder and those who specifically have questions about aspergers & sexuality. It is also helpful for caregivers who want to understand the specific issues related to sexuality within this population of adults with aspergers.

After reading Asperger’s Syndrome and Sexuality, this reviewer would concur, and add that any professional in the area of teaching or mental health, as well as an adult with aspergers would greatly benefit from it’s content.

Ms. Henault has a broad spectrum of expertise in both asperger’s syndrome (AS) and sexuality issues. Her  integration of the two topics brings relevant information to the forefront. There is significantly little research  pertaining to the concerns of adults with aspergers & sexuality brought forth by social deficits combined with naturally occurring sexual issues.

The book is extremely reader friendly and is split into two sections. The first section provides a comprehensive outline of factors ranging from puberty issues, problematic behaviors, intimacy and emotion, gender identities, and couple issues. The second section outlines a socio-sexual education program of 12 workshop sessions. It is detailed and practical, and can be incorporated into a variety of settings for adults with aspergers. The book concludes with a research study comparing the sexual profile of AS individuals and that of the general population.

This is a comprehensive look at aspergers & sexuality.  It incorporates both issues and strategies for compensation facing those who deal with the complex social and emotional factors associated with AS. It could easily be used as model for psycho educational treatment by numerous  professionals. Adults with aspergers, parents ,partners and friends in the AS community will all greatly benefit from the excellent delivery performed by Ms. Henault.

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